Český výrobce strojů na plasty
a gumu a hydraulických lisů


Model INWORK C is a C-frame vertical construction with upper clamping system. Workbenches are equipped with "T" grooves for clamping the molds. A central or external hydraulic ejector is used to eject the molded part when the press is equipped with sliding table.

INWORK C hydraulic presses are produced in sizes from 20 to 50 t of pressing force. The drive is provided by a hydraulic power pack whose location at the press is optional. INWORK C can be equipped with wide range of optional equipment.


INWORK C hydraulic presses are fitted in standard with a modern industrial control system SIEMENS or Bernecker & Rainer with a 10 "TFT color touch control panel.

The INWORK C hydraulic presses meets all safety standards valid for the operation of these machines in the Czech Republic, in the EU and CE marked.

Hydraulic circuit of INWORK C presses is supplemented by a frequency converter of the speed of the main electric motor or by a servo drive - energy-saving design, saving of electric energy 15 - 45% depending on the overall machine cycle.


According to the customer requirements, we can equip our machines with handling equipment - robots, manipulators, another way of control - using the footswitch, the joystick, additional electric components and adapted technological parameters and control software according to customer specification. We can also offer mold handling systems - ball/spring type.

Variably the presses can be supplied with different sizes and drilling of the clamping plates and the desired maximum opening stroke of the main ram and ejector as well.

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