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Since the beginnings, company INVERA s.r.o., Rakovník focused mainly on the field of injection molding machines and hydraulic presses. Company builds on the knowledge and experiences of people who had spent most of their professional careers in design, manufacturing, sales and service of injection molding machines and hydraulic presses. It continues more than 80 year tradition of manufacturing injection molding machines and hydraulic presses in Rakovník.

Main motto of the company is to " offer customers a quality product at high technical level with full service support and reasonable prices compared with foreign competitors "

Priority, long-term business plans is the quality and customer support. 


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Production of hydraulic presses and injection molding machines has great tradition in Rakovník region. The first hydraulic press in Rakovník was manufactured in company ING VLTAVSKÝ between 1919 and 1920. Until the nationalization in 1948, there have been developed and manufactured presses for rubber industry eg. For Bata factories in Zlin, for ceramic industry plants RAKO Rakovník, presses for hops and fruit, presses for sheet drawing for the arms industry and a number of other special-purpose presses. After 1929, in cooperation with POLÁK, there started production of hydraulic presses for metal casting under pressure and subsequently manufacture of hydraulic presses for processing plastics.

After nationalization, when the company was incorporated into the national enterprise machine tool factory, also with TOS Rakovník and plant passed a number of amendments. Alternately, the plant was under ŠMERAL Company Brno and ŽĎAS. At that time, the production program was gradually narrowed down to the specialization in horizontal injection molding machines (around 1960) and simultaneously production of simple vertical presses mainly exported to the USSR. Horizontal injection molding machines for thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics and rubbers (CSE, CSB, CSY and CS) were exported around the world and many of them are still in full operation today. There is no doubt that their level was at the time (1970-1975) very decent for average European market.

After the "velvet revolution" in 1989, TOS Rakovník tried to resurrect the field of injection molding machines for plastics and rubber, but due to hesitant and hazard approach this goal unfortunately failed. Company failed to arouse a suitable foreign partner who would help bridge the development and investment "gap" . Traditional markets, including very progressively developing Czech plastics industry, were quickly occupied by quality foreign manufacturers mainly from Germany and Austria.

At the time, a small group of engineers and technicians separated from TOS Rakovník in order to find a viable way in the tradition of plastics and rubber machinery in Rakovník. In 1992 was founded a private company INVERA Technic s.r.o. From the beginnings the company has focused on repair and modernization of the original products of TOS Rakovník (presses CBA, CBJ, CSB, CSY and CS). Production was later switched to the new field of horizontal injection molding machines for plastics named IN-TEC.

For last few years, INVERA s.r.o. gradually expanded its manufacturing, construction and business activities and became the only Czech manufacturer of injection molding machines for plastics and rubber in the country.